Rugiet Health



Rugiet Health is an innovative ecommerce platform for a telehealth company. The app allows users to purchase their sublingual products with ease, streamlining the purchasing process and improving the overall customer experience. The app consists of various pages, such as a medical questionnaire, checkout, cart, members portal, and landing pages, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


The app was built using Ruby on Rails, a popular and well-established web application framework. Ruby on Rails is known for its ease of use, scalability, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for building robust and scalable web applications. To enhance the reactivity and performance of the app, Stimulus Reflex and Stimulus JS were utilized. Stimulus Reflex is a JavaScript library that enables developers to create real-time, reactive applications, providing an interactive and engaging user experience. Stimulus JS is a framework for adding behavior to static HTML, providing a more dynamic and responsive user experience.

RSpec was used for testing, ensuring that the app functions as intended and meets the needs of the business. RSpec is a popular testing framework for Ruby on Rails, providing a simple and intuitive way to write tests and verify that the app is functioning as expected. To ensure reliability and scalability, the app was containerized using Docker, and deployed on Amazon ECS. Docker is a containerization platform that enables developers to package their applications and dependencies into containers, providing a consistent and isolated environment for deployment. Amazon ECS is a highly scalable and highly available container orchestration service, providing a robust and scalable infrastructure for deploying containers.