React Admin


A famous video game company in Japan commissioned the development of an administrative dashboard for their business operations, and as the lead front-end developer, I was tasked with modifying the existing architecture and adding new features. To accomplish this, I leveraged React and the React Admin framework, which provided a streamlined and efficient platform for building the dashboard. One key new feature I added was the ability to generate JSON data based on user input, enabling the game engine to create game cards and other assets. The use of these technologies allowed for a smooth, user-friendly experience in managing the operations of the company.


The admin dashboard was built using React and the React Admin framework, leveraging the benefits of the React library such as fast updates and high performance. The state management was handled using Redux, which provided a centralized and organized way to manage the data for the dashboard. To store the generated JSON data and assets, the dashboard utilized AWS S3 for file storage and AWS Cloudfront for fast and secure content delivery. These technologies ensured a seamless and efficient experience for the end-users and allowed for easy management of the game cards and other assets.