Dancer Spots



This was my first personal project, and I wanted to tackle a subject that I am passionate about: dancing. I wanted to create an application that could help me stay motivated while I was learning to self-study. Through this project, I acquired a deep understanding of technologies such as React, Node, MongoDB, and Mongoose. The end result was an application where users could create profiles, events, and studios and share these events through social media like Facebook or messaging apps like WhatsApp.


The application was built using React, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB, and Redis. For authentication, I utilized the popular Passport library. Through the process of building this application, I learned a lot about how to architect and structure my code, as well as the importance of caching for performance. The application was first deployed using Docker, but I later moved it to a Digital Ocean droplet for better scalability and performance. The use of these technologies helped me create a robust, secure, and scalable web application that met my goals and provided a great user experience.