Barbershop Reservation


Barber Reservation is a reservation application that streamlines the process of managing appointments for the company. The application provides a user-friendly interface for employees to manage reservations, reducing the workload and improving efficiency. A custom calendar was built using CSS and Vuetify, which offers a visually appealing and functional solution for organizing appointments. Admins can easily manage reservations by clicking, dragging, and dropping them within the calendar, making the process of rearranging appointments quick and simple. This application has helped the company's stores to reduce operational costs and better manage their data, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient business.


The application was built using Vue2, Vuetify, and Vuex, offering a performant and scalable frontend solution. Testing was carried out using Vitest and Vue test utils, ensuring that the application is reliable and free of bugs. The application is hosted on an AWS S3 bucket and distributed through AWS CloudFront, providing a scalable and highly available solution. On the backend, the application uses a Laravel API, a robust and well-established PHP framework that provides a clean and elegant syntax. The combination of these technologies provides a solution that is both performant and scalable, delivering a smooth and seamless experience for the end-user.