Avatar Generator


The Avatar Generator project was designed for a video game company in Japan to promote their new game. The main objective of the application was to provide users with the ability to create avatars using the game's characters and manipulate various elements, such as position and scaling. The final product could then be converted into an image and shared on social media. The front-end of the application was built using HTML Canvas and Konva.js, along with Next.js. A REST API was created using Node.js and MySQL to handle data fetching and image file storage, which was facilitated through the use of Amazon S3. This project was a comprehensive solution for promoting the company's new game and increasing engagement with their audience.


Next.js, a React-based framework, was used to develop the front-end of the avatar generator, making it possible to build a fast, optimized and scalable user interface. The integration of HTML Canvas and Konva.js made it possible to create interactive and visually appealing graphics for the avatar creation process. The manipulation of position, scaling, and other aspects of the avatars was made possible through the use of these cutting-edge technologies.

On the back-end, a REST API was developed using Node.js and MySQL to efficiently manage the app's data and handle the upload of image files to S3, a highly scalable and secure cloud storage service. This allowed for a seamless and robust experience for users who wanted to create and share their custom avatars. The use of these powerful and scalable technologies ensured that the avatar generator can handle large numbers of users and provide a reliable experience for all.